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Here we let you choose one of the homecoming dresses or formal gowns for your homecoming dance event

Homecoming is a tradition observed at most high schools and colleges. It is usually held in late September or October. Activities vary widely depending on the school, but they usually consist of many events which culminate in a formal dance party. Choosing an elegant piece of evening wear for homecoming is one of the most important preparation steps for girls. Please browse through our selection of inspired designs. These stylish semi-formal homecoming dresses and formal dresses range from demure to daring and are available in a number of different colors and styles. From plunging necklines to sexy strapless styles, you will find something that catches your eye. You will find formal homecoming gowns, homecoming dresses featuring ruching, rhinestones, sequins, bows, and even polka dots take an unexpected turn.

Many little girls enjoy playing dress up and imagining that they are attending a formal event. As an adult, you can take that desire to wear something stunning you remember from childhood and make it a reality when you choose one of the homecoming dresses or formal gowns featured here. You will look beautiful and be confident, no matter what kind of event you are attending.

Colors, shapes, and cuts are open to interpretation and should flatter the figure without revealing too much skin. Remember, the time for ultra-mini dresses is around the corner, and it's called college! Elegant, edgy dresses take advantage of new developments in textile design like soft lame fabric to give today a whole new range of options.

Blush 9854 Pink Halter Short Prom Dress
Color: Pink
Crystals beaded bodice.
Sheer halter neckline.
Keyhole cutout open back.
Flowy skirt are ready to dance.

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Choose a cute homecoming dress that makes you feel beautiful

With homecoming looming around the corner, finding the perfect ensemble can become a nearly-impossible mission. Do you have any good ideas about which dress for your homecoming party? Our customer shared her shopping feeling and fashion collocation to us , here we will introduce you the latest trend for the 2016 cute homecoming dresses collection, and hope you can get some tips to choosing a perfect cute homecoming dress 2016.

Blush 11158 Black Two Piece Homecoming Dress
Fabric: Chiffon.
Colors: Black.
The perfect dress for Homecoming 2016? Blush Style 11158 is the one for you! Charm everyone wearing this stunning two piece with a sweetheart beaded top and a chiffon skirt with beaded belt. It’s available in Black.

Blush 11154 Cream Homecoming Dress 2016
Fabric: Novelty Organza.
Colors: Cream.
Look ravishing in Blush Style 11154 at Homecoming 2016! This perfect two piece has an adorable Novelty Organza beaded halter top with an open back, along with a Novelty Organza skirt and a beaded belt to match the top. Blush 11154 comes in Cream.

In the end, the dress you choose is completely your decision – regardless of trends. One thing you should always keep in mind when buying a dress is your shape. You want to choose a dress that’s flattering to your figure – one that accentuates the positive and camouflages the not so positive. Choose a dress that makes you feel beautiful and you can never go wrong.

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Choosing The Right Color Dresses for your Prom Or Homecoming 2016

Choosing prom or homecoming dresses is understandably overwhelming. There are so many styles to pick from and on top of that they come in a vast variety of colors! The selection out there is exponentially great, so no wonder you are looking for a way to narrow down the color options! I would like to help you with that. I was lucky enough to sit in on one of Ailsadresses' design meetings and I was floored by how many separate shades of pink there are! So here is a simple guide to helping you pick the best color for your prom or homecoming dress!

Choose a dress color that will stand out, while still complementing your atmosphere.

Does your prom or homecoming have a theme? Let’s go with under the sea as an example; predictably, this theme’s color scheme will feature blue.

You could go with blue, it is certainly evocative of water and there is an array of different shades you can find. Bahama blue, deep sea blue, navy blue, and the list goes on but this makes it easy to ignore the other color options of the palette. Let’s get a little more creative; sea foam green, pearly pink, sandy yellow, seashell purple, sea salt white, and coral red are all versions of colors on the spectrum that inspire thoughts of undersea life. There are specific tones of every color of the rainbow that exist that will go with every theme imaginable (trust me).

Sherri Hill 50546 Navy Cocktail Dress

Faviana 7873 Ice Blue Prom Dress

Research your event’s theme, ask your school’s prom committee what color palette they plan to go with and work from there.

Whether your date is a special someone or a special friend, you two could have fun coordinating colors!

Ask your date what their color preferences are and see what you both like. If you two can agree then it is a fun thing to do, but if it doesn’t work out it’s not big deal!

Wondering which color is best for you specifically? Check out our blog post “What Prom Dress Color is Right for You?”

I hope you found these tips on picking the best color for prom dresses or homecoming dress helpful! If there are any specific topics you’d like me to write a blog on, comment on the Ailsadresses Facebook page or Pinterest!

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How you can be the Belle of the Ball at your Homecoming dance

As the first formal event of the season, Homecoming is a big deal. Picking the right gown that matches the theme and fits you style can be a challenge. You need a gown that will show off your unique style, help you stand out from your peers, and catch the eye of your crush. Here are some tips on how you can be the Belle of the Ball at your Homecoming dance.

1. Let your personality shine.
Nothing will make you more beautiful, than wearing a gown that suits your coloring and fits your personality. Never be afraid to think different. Select classy gowns in fall shades like greens, dark blues, and purples. As a general rule, you can never go wrong with darker colors because they go nicely with every skin type. Black and hot pink are perfect colors for Homecoming night. A dress that fits you just right and represents who you really are, will make you sparkle on the dance floor.

2. Go simple with bold accessories.
Try piecing a simple gown with bold accessories for Homecoming night. Some bright sparkly accessories will make it look special. A neutral gown would go great with a statement piece like a chunky necklace. For a black gown, try paring it with a diamond necklace and earrings or a brightly colored bracelet. For a white gown, black accessories will hit it just right. Go with your mood and don’t hesitate to be adventurous.

3. Choose a gown that can hold its own.
Some gown may look gorgeous, but can be bulk, itchy, and uncomfortable. If you don’t feel good in your gown, you won’t be able to enjoy yourself at Homecoming. Many women take “Beauty is Pain” to far. At Rosdress.com , we have a variety of Homecoming dresses that move easily, are comfortable to wear, and still drop dead gorgeous.

4. Short or long… that is the question.
This part depends on you.  The length of your gown is a big part of your look. Most girls will go with a long gown for Homecoming night. However, the rise of the shorter evening gown has been growing. Shorter dresses go perfectly with a matching high-heel sparkle sandal. Short or long, you choose!

Now we will introduce you to see several the hot trendy fall 2016 dresses for homecoming or formal event.

Faviana 7850 Wine Satin Bridesmaid Party Dress

Blush 11177 Party Pink Homecoming Dress

Rosdress.com has a beautiful selection of short and long evening gowns perfect for Homecoming or any other formal event. Follow these tips and you will be all set for your big night!

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2016年7月12日 星期二

We look forward to shopping with you this season for homecoing 2016

Are you getting excited for the upcoming Homecoming season? Well everyone here at Rosdress cannot wait to share all the new Homecoming dresses with you! Today we’re going to share our Designer Spotlight: Blush.

Blush absolutely outdid themselves this Homecoming season. They get an A rating from us on style and creativity, because what girl doesn’t want to stand out at her Homecoming dance? If you love bling, lace, and illusion necklines, Blush Homecoming dresses will be perfect for you and at a great price! (You’re welcome Moms!)

Homecoming dress trends this year are illusion necklines, high necklines, and of course strapless, v neck,two piece short styles. The new beaded illusion necklines are to die for! You cannot go wrong with this sexy, yet elegant look. Don’t be afraid to try the illusion neckline, it looks great on all shapes and sizes! A rosdress’s store favorite that every girl needs to check out is Blush 11154. High necklines are great too! Some people think a high neckline is not for them, but you won’t know until you try! Check out this v neckline, bandage top from Blush, 11150. Some Homecoming girls prefer a simpler strapless, sweetheart look. This classic look is perfect for any Homecoming dance-check out styles 11152 and 11167.

Blush 11154 Cream

Blush 11150 Black

As always don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram for all the latest Homecoming trends. We love to hear from our rosdress’s girls, so let us know what you think about this year’s new styles! Homecoming dresses will start arriving at the middle of August. Enter our website and emailto us to contect with any questions! We look forward to shopping with you this season, and don’t forget to check out our website at www.rosdress.com !

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